Environmental Policy

 We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously:

  • We are licenced by Scottish Natural Heritage to operate in the environmentally sensitive waters in and around the Isle of May.
  • Our skippers operate tours for your enjoyment whilst minimising disruption to wildlife.
  • Our engines are state-of-the-art computer controlled 2 strokes with ultra low emissions (Year 2008 Compliant) and are also extremely quiet.
  • Fuel consumption is carefully monitored to identify opportunities to make any improvements. For example, engine operating RPM is kept below 3,500 whenever possible.
  • We ensure that all our personnel have a strong local bias in that they are interested in protecting our maritime heritage.
  • We recycle everything that we can, including all our office paper, plastic and glass.
  • We are trained and accredited by WiSE to operate amongst the wildlife in a caring and understanding manner and in accordance with strict guidelines so as to keep to an absolute minimum any disruption whilst enhancing the experience of our visitors.

We are keen to constantly develop our environmental policy and welcome any suggestions on things we could change or introduce.

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